ASCO’s Paige Pence Honored by Partner Company


Liaison International, a provider of admissions management, CRM and marketing solutions to more than 4,500 higher education programs, recently thanked Paige Pence, ASCO’s Director of Student and Residency Affairs, for her valuable contribution to the new version of OptomCAS, the Liaison software that drives Optometry’s Centralized Application Service.

Paige Pence

Paige Pence

According to Meghan VanSpriell, Vice President of Marketing for Liaison, “Paige was an early adopter of the new software, helping to pave the way for other health profession associations. While this meant additional work for her personally, she was able to weigh in early on in the development of the solution. She was extra cooperative, and her accurate and specific feedback on what was working well and what wasn’t was indispensable as we worked toward wider use of the software.”

Paige also accepted Liaison International’s recognition of the five-year anniversary of OptomCAS and ASCO’s relationship with Liaison. In January 2015, she will have been with ASCO for seven years.