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Met: Oct.11, 2017

Chair(s): Christina Esposito (AZCOPT). Chair Elect: Alicia Feis (AZCOPT)

Actions: Competencies to be finalized by January 2018

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers: Discussion on the Visual Information Processing Battery among the different programs and fresh topics for the SIG.

Sponsor(s): N/A


Met: Oct. 13

Chair: Jan Bergmanson

Discussion Topics/Actions: Began with a minute of silence honoring the founding chair of SIG, Dr. Ruth Trachimowicz. New subgroups were formed to facilitate achievement of goals. The main action item proposed for evaluation during the next year was to work with ASCO to develop goals and objectives for licensed optometrists in order to propose a minimum required curriculum for Biomedical Sciences to meet the standards that NBEO expects from the profession. It would mainly serve for clarification purposes to aid optometrists to achieve board certification. All the instructors from the Biomedical Sciences of the Colleges of Optometry would have an invaluable contribution to this process as we all have a common goal.

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Hyatt Bellevue ASCO Conference Workshop and Vendors Group Photo - Nov 2017

Met: Nov 16-18, 2017

Chair: Maria Parisi (PCO)

Actions: Determine who will represent the Clinic Directors SIG on ASCO’s newly established Leadership Development Task Force. Update the Clinic Surveys survey, which is posted on ASCOConnect and maintained by David Durkee. Mark your calendars for the next Online Clinical Education Forum (OCEF) being held Friday, June 8, 2018 from 1:00-4:00 pm ET.

Established locations for future meetings:

  • 2018 – SCCOMBKU (October 25-27)
  • 2019 – Houston (Date TBD)
  • 2020 – PUCO (Date TBD)

Discussion Topics/Speaker Highlights: Your Personal Communication Style for Leadership Effectiveness, Marilyn Nyman, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Nyman Group; Remediation of the Struggling Optometry Student, Jeannette Guerrasio, MD, Author and Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado; The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Accommodation Requests in the Clinical Environment, Brian Zuckerman, Esq., Chief of Staff, Salus University; Dr. Lester Caplan Honorary Lecture: Clinical Optometric Education:  A Look to its Past and a Vision of its Future, Linda Casser, OD, FAAO, FNAP, Salus University; Operational Issues and Solutions, Dr. Mark Nakano, Associate Dean for Clinics, Southern California College of Optometry, Marshall B. Ketchum University, Dr. Melissa Contreras, Clinic Director, University Eye Center Los Angeles; Patient Communications: Externship Program Pilot, Dr. Peter Kehoe, Professional Development Advisor, Transitions Adaptive Lenses; Lessons Learned When Opening an In House Pharmacy, Dr. Michael Chaglasian, Chief of Staff, Illinois Eye Institute, Illinois College of Optometry; Hurricane Harvey- Lessons Learned, Carl Branch, Associate Director, University Eye Institute, College of Optometry University of Houston; Industry Panel, Moderator: Pete Kehoe, Professional Development Advisor, Transitions Adaptive Lenses, Panelist: Kevin McNaught, National Director of Strategic Accounts, Diopsys; David Nelson, Vice President of Professional Relations, Optos; Donald Smith, Director, Professional Relations, National Vision, Inc.

Sponsors: Alcon, Allergan Eye Care, Bausch + Lomb, Carl Zeiss Meditech, Compulink Business Systems, Diopsys, Essilor of America, Eye Med Vision Care, Haag-Streit USA/Reliance Medical Products, Heine, Hoya Vision Care, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Keeler Instruments, Lombart, M&S Technologies, Marco, National Vision, Oculus, Optos, RevolutionEHR, Topcon Medical Systems, Transitions Optical, Vision Service Plan, Volk Optical, and Walmart.


comp sig pic

Met: Oct 10, 2017

Chair:  Drs. Joan Portello (SUNY) and Laura Falco (NOVA)

Discussion Topics/Speaker Highlights: How and when in the methods and procedures program is scleral depression taught and a word about injections?; What will the future of instruction of methods and procedures in optometry given the advances in technology concentrate on? For example, “Do Students Still Need to be Proficient in Gathering Data?” OR do we move our focus towards more instruction on clinical reasoning and data interpretation? Dr. Fuensante Vera-Diaz; How much should we dedicate to assistants (2nd year students) working up the patients before the 3rd or 4th year intern take over? What should be tested prior to the comprehensive examination by the interns, i.e., OCT, Anterior seg OCT, fundus photos, OPD results, etc., Joan Portello; Advanced Procedures (lasers, stitching, etc) in Schools, Dr. Joan Perotti; Using Electronic Rubrics to Grade Proficiency Performance, Dr. Jeff Perotti; Cheating in the Lab/how it is handled, real consequences, administrative involvement, autonomy of lab instructors; examples of cheating, Dr. Heather Anderson.

Sponsors: Heine and Keeler


Met: Oct 13, 2017

Chairs: Drs. Elizabeth Grantner (ICO) and Jeannie Snider (SCO)

Discussion Topics: Grant applications/Sponsorships via Alcon & Novartis, Tom Duchardt (Alcon); Barbara Standley (Alcon IME) & xx (Novartis IME); New COPE Process Updates, Sierra Rice, Mgr of Accreditation Services for ARBO; Activity Practice Gaps/Post Activity Reporting; ASCO/ARBO Agreement Updates; Joint Providership (per ACCME Guidelines); Online CE platforms (recording techniques, etc./ i.e. WCEA); Best Legal Practices & Copyright laws; Roundtable Discussions.

Sponsor: Alcon


Met: Oct. 12, 2017

Chairs: Rachel Childress (OSU), Chair; Connie Scavuzzo (ICO), Immediate Past Chair

Actions: Appointment of Rachel Childress as Chair for a second term, Amanda Behnke (WUCO) as Chair-Elect, and Scavuzzo as Immediate Past Chair

Discussion Topics/Speaker Highlights: Creating an Effective Alumni Board, Connie Scavuzzo, Senior Director of Alumni Development, ICO; Ten Things I Have Learned as 10 Years of Being a Dean, Dr. Jennifer Coyle, Dean, PUCO; What I Wish I Knew My First Year as President of SCO, Drs. Lewis Reich, President, SCO, and Kristin Anderson, VP for Institutional Advancement, SCO.

Sponsors: Alcon, Luxottica, Vision Service Plan


Met: Oct. 13, 2017

Chair: Dean Swick (SCO)

Discussion Topics/Actions: Information Security, Dean Swick; Demonstration of new collaboration tools provided by ASCO; Roundtable discussion of various topics  – ExamSoft, Ebooks, ERP, etc.


Met: Oct. 12, 2017

Chair: Paula McDowell (MCO)

Discussion Topics/Actions: Presentation from Erik Mothersbaugh (ICO) on his research conducted with colleagues on Optometry and the Sunshine Act. He gave a thorough overview of previous publications regarding industry gifting in medicine, and detailing data as reported by optometrists to CMS. This presentation led to a stimulating discussion about how to handle industry gifting within schools of optometry, and ways to educate students and colleagues about the importance and impact of this practice… The Student Award in Clinical Ethics will be offered again this year… Additional updates regarding the AOA Ethics and Values Committee were discussed, including the recent update to the Optometric Oath, and the recent activity of the AOA Ethics Forum. SIG will meet again in April or May via webinar to follow up on these discussions.

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Group Photo in Honor of Harue Marsden - Extern SIG 2017
Attendees are waving their hands in this photo to honor
honor and remember Dr. Harue Marsden, last year’s
co-chair, who passed away suddenly last year.

Met: Nov. 16, 2017

Chair: Aarlan Aceto (CCO)

Actions: Established a subcommittee to work on issues surrounding Externships vs. Clerkships. Subcommittee members are: Tom Wong (SUNY), Etty Bitton (Waterloo), Lisa Christian (Montreal), and Ralph Herring (UHCO). Assist with the development of an ASCO contingency plan that will assist schools who incur devastation. Elected co-chairs for future programs: 2018: Aarlan Aceto (CCO) and Vikki Yu (UCB); 2019 and 2020: Elyse Chaglasian (ICO) and Dave Durkee (MCO).

Additional topics/Speakers: Meeting began by formally dedicating the meeting in memory of Harue Marsden. An official ASCO resolution was read. Alcon Externship Initiatives, Tom Duchardt, Director Professional Relations Academic Development; Externship Survey Update; Externships vs. Clerkships, Aarlan Aceto, Director of Rotations, Midwestern University, Chicago College of Optometry; Annual Reports of Affiliated Externship Programs, VAMC:  John Townsend, Director, Optometric Service, Department of Veteran Affairs; ACOE Externship Standards, Bart Campbell, ACOE Chair, Ms. Joyce Urbeck, ACOE Director; Patient Communications Pilot Program, Christopher W. Lievens, Chief of Staff, Southern College of Optometry; Externship Distance Learning Modules, Mark Risher, Sr. Mgr, Optometric Academic Development, Allergan, Cathy Pagano, CME Matters, LLC; IPECP Workshop, John Nishimoto, Senior Associate Dean for Professional Affairs, SCCOMBKU, Jeffery Stewart, Senior Director for Institutional Innovation and Development, ADEA; Roundtable Discussions: Puerto Rico Devastation, Standardized Site Visit Form, Students’ Site Selection / Assignment Process, Adjunct Extern Faculty Educational / Seminar / Other Perks.

Sponsors: Alcon and Allergan


Met: Oct 13, 2017

Actions/Discussion Topics: Alcon Initiatives, Casey Dietrich and Tom Duchardt

Discussion/Presentation by Regional Vice-Chairs for our SIG

Asia: Ida Chung; India (as separate from the rest of Asia): Shankaran Ramaswamy; Europe: Yi Pang; Latin America: Hector Santiago; Eastern European: Jeff Perotti; Africa: Don Lyon

Group discussion/Breakout session on current and future projects and collaborations around the world

Discussion facilitators: BHVI: Luigi Bilotto; VOSH-Dan Twelker; AFCO-Sara McGowan;ALDOO- Katerin Ortiz

Sponsor: N/A


Met: Oct. 12, 2017

Chair: Rebecca Marinoff (SUNY)

Actions: Advanced Competencies were approved by ASCO Board of Trustees, continued work on Low Vision iBook, begin creation of Low Vision Reading List to dovetail with Entry-Level Competencies and Advanced Competencies

Additional topics/Speakers: John Nishimoto (SCCO) gave a talk on Inter-Professional Education

Sponsor: N/A


Met: Oct. 13, 2017

Chairs: Dr. Valerie Wren (WUCO), outgoing SIG Chair (2014-2017), Dr. Surbhi Bansal (UCB), incoming SIG Chair (2017-2020), Chair-elect to be determined (2020-2023)

Actions: Create formal document for entry-level competencies and learning objectives for curriculum development and outcome measures; Develop and share teaching strategies within this group of educators; Consider how our plan plugs in to the ASCO Strategic Plan and IPE initiatives.

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers: Two Subcommittees to be formed; Writing group and Reference/Evidence-based group

Sponsor: Chadwick Optical


Met: Oct. 12, 2017

Chair: Janet Leasher (NOVA)

Actions: Communicate with and arrange for an item writing session with the NBEO to include and create items to measure competencies from the ASCO Guidelines for Public Health and Environmental Vision Core Competencies and Learning Objectives (‘the Guidelines’). Create a mini-advocacy campaign, with key messages and talking points for all SIG representatives to use at their respective institutions if needed to adopt the Guidelines with the academic officer(s), curriculum committee, instructors of public health. Inform the ACOE about the Guidelines and investigate how these can be incorporated into future self-studies for the Curriculum Standard (2?) for the next round of accreditation review for each institution and report back to the SIG.

Discussion Topics: Report of the PHE SIG document – ASCO approval:  ASCO Guidelines Public Health and Environmental Vision Core Competencies and Learning Objectives. Discussion on the use of the document by NBEO and ACOE. Discussion on development of a central PHEV teaching resource site available to all PHE SIG members including teaching techniques, course outlines, video links, etc. New Issues in Public Health.

PHE SIG Leadership: Chair, Dr. Janet Leasher; Vice Chair (Chair Elect), Dr. Mort Soroka; Immediate Past Chair, Dr. Pat Yoshinaga; Second Vice Chair to be elected.

Sponsor: N/A


Met: Oct. 12, 2017

Chairs: Dr. Doug Hoffman (NECO) and Dr. David Loshin (NOVA)

Discussion Topics/Speakers: ASCO Residency Affairs Committee Update, Dr. David Loshin … ORMatch Update, Dr. Diane Adamczyk … Accreditation Council on Optometric Education Update, Dr. Bart Campbell … AAO Residents Day Update, Dr. Amy Grimes … ASCO Remarks, ASCO President Dr. David Damari … Update on Sub-Specialization, Dr. David Damari … VA Residencies Update, Dr. John Townsend… AOSA and Promotion of Residencies … Ms. Emily Ellingson (ASCO-AOSA Liaison) … AOA Membership Update, Dr. Caroline Pate and Ms. Stacey Struckhoff.

Roundtable Discussions: Best Practices to Recruit Residents … Enforcing Deadlines for Residents and Faculty

Sponsor: Alcon