New Lens Improves View, Saves Time

Volk Optical has developed the G-6 Six- Mirror Glass Gonio Lens as an upgrade to the classic four-mirror design. The G-6 Gonio’s six closely aligned mirrors provide a true 360-degree view during examination, with no lens adjustment required. Its six mirrors are equally angled, eliminating gaps for visualization of the entire anterior segment at 1.0X magnification. Practitioners can quickly scan across mirrors without the confusion of tracking where one view ends and the next begins. The faster scanning can reduce examination time by 25% or more.

The G-6’s taller, tapered profile is easier to hold within the orbit. In addition, its no-flange design eliminates the need for a viscous coupling solution. The new lens is available with a ring or a versatile 2-in- 1 handle that can be adjusted to create a straight or 45-degree angled grip.

For more information, visit www.volk. com, e-mail, or call (800) 345-8655.