New Lens Case is More User-Friendly

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Alcon LogoPackages of Alcon’s Clear Care Solution now contain a new contact lens case. The case has been redesigned with lens baskets differing in color (blue and white) to help patients more easily differentiate between left and right lenses before and after cleaning. In addition, the lens baskets now have tabs to enable easier opening.

According to Carla Mack, Director of U.S. Professional and Clinical Support for Alcon, “Clear Care Solution provides unsurpassed lens cleaning and disinfection, and users are typically very compliant, but these changes to the new  contact lens case can help make this critically important lens cleaning and disinfecting process even simpler and more convenient for users.”

Also: The line of Air Optix Colors contact lenses now includes plus powers across the full range of nine colors for patients with hyperopia.

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