Vision Impact Institute Expands Mission and Strategy

Essilor-Logo-LARGENow under new leadership with Maureen Cavanagh as President, the Vision Impact Institute, supported by Essilor, is renewing its commitment to advocate for new data on the socio-economic impact of poor vision while expanding the scope of its mission to include the importance of healthy vision and the quality of life benefits of visual correction. “Our mission in 2015 includes a continued focus on collecting existing data and supporting new research on these global and regional socio-economic effects while also emphasizing the benefits of healthy vision and ensuring this compelling evidence gets in the right hands to support a call to action,” Cavanagh said in a recent press release. The Institute plans to unveil a revamped website this month.

Also: Essilor is running print and digital ads targeting culinary professionals and triathletes in order to highlight the benefits of Optifog fog-free lenses.