Online Clinical Educators Forum Debuts

Dr. Donald Jarnagin, Chair of the ASCO Clinical Affairs Committee

Dr. Donald Jarnagin, Chair of the ASCO Clinical Affairs Committee

On April 10, the ASCO Clinical Affairs Committee (CAC) conducted its first Online Clinical Educators Forum (OCEF). This clinical education professional development event reached 150 registered clinical faculty and many more attendees who participated in group-viewing settings. The program was presented by ASCO under the direction of the CAC Chair Dr. Donald Jarnagin with the technical oversight of the State University of New York College of Optometry’s IT department via WebEx. Both current and former CAC members provided program and logistics oversight as part of the OCEF planning group. Chairs for the event were Dr. Richard Madonna, Dr. Neil Pence and Dr. Tammy Than.

OCEF supports the CAC’s objective of identifying ways for schools and colleges of optometry to informally share expertise and resources in clinical education, services, research and administration. The forum enables participants to:

• develop relationships with other faculty who have similar interests to allow for personal enrichment and to provide insights that can be conveyed back to institutions

• explore collaborative efforts in clinical research and clinic procedure development

• share best practices.

A key objective of the first OCEF was to update clinical faculty on compliance and advances in technology and treatments. Presentations by renowned clinical educators from ASCO institutions covered topics such as clinical care, clinical grading, faculty development, integrating EHR into clinical teaching and providing effective clinical feedback. Participants could apply for up to three hours of COPE-approved distance learning continuing education credit for the event.

Dr. Madonna, speaking on behalf of the planning group, said “The CAC was thrilled with the level of participation at this year’s forum and looks forward to future forums that we hope will reach an even greater number of faculty. This year’s event made it clear that an online forum is not only feasible but desirable by optometric clinical faculty.” Post-event survey feedback indicated that a majority of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the sessions, registration process and web-based learning platform. One attendee reported the intention to propose “a change to our grading of clinical encounters and propose more educator development for faculty” as a result of the OCEF. Another responded that “I have already started making changes on clinical grading sheets and set an appointment with my supervisor to go over my goals and how to achieve them … I have also updated my lectures with the new information I learned.”

A second OCEF, contingent on funding, is being planned. For additional information about the forum, contact ASCO Manager of Professional Affairs Carol Brubaker.