Transition and Commemoration

Dr. David A. Heath

Dr. David A. Heath

I am delighted and honored to be serving again as president of ASCO, an organization that has meant so much to me and plays such a vital role in our profession. This is a particularly exciting time for ASCO as we go through a major transition and approach the celebration of an important milestone.

I am very pleased to be welcoming Dawn Mancuso, MAM, CAE, FASAE, as our new Executive Director. Dawn will step into this role full-time at the end of August and she brings a tremendous set of skills and experience with her, which will undoubtedly be a major asset for ASCO. I am certainly excited to have the opportunity to work with her and I look forward to the ways in which our Association will develop and strengthen with Dawn as Executive Director.

In addition to welcoming Dawn this year, ASCO will mark its 75th anniversary in summer 2016. Such longevity is a testament to ASCO’s strength of purpose. We should celebrate this key moment in our history but also use it as an opportunity to re-assert the important role that we play, not just in the training of optometrists but also within the broad and ever-changing world of health care in general. In recent years, ASCO has done more to affirm its leadership within this realm, and I hope we can use this anniversary as a jumping-off point to do even more.

In order for ASCO to remain strong for another 75 years and beyond, we have to be proactive and prepared for what the future of optometry and health care will bring. That’s why we are initiating a robust, strategic planning process this year, which will help provide us with an intelligent, long-term blueprint for success.

Finally, the work that we do is entirely contingent on the expertise and collaboration of the extended ASCO community. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside all of you in our efforts to further advance ASCO and optometric education.

David A. Heath, OD, EdM


ASCO President