Fifth Optometry Virtual Fair Held in October

ASCO sponsored its fifth Optometry Virtual Fair on Oct. 28. All of schools and colleges that were ASCO members at that time participated in the Fair, giving nearly 300 prospective applicants a chance to online “chat” with school and college representatives.

The Virtual Fair is part of the ASCO-American Optometric Association Project on Further Developing a Robust, Diverse, and Highly Qualified National Applicant Pool. The Fair is promoted along with the profession of optometry through an e-mail campaign targeting prospective applicants, pre-optometry clubs and health professions advisors. It provides a convenient platform for people who are considering applying to optometry school to ask questions about the profession, the OptomCAS application process and school-specific requirements.

The next Virtual Fair will be held on Jan. 27. For questions or more information, e-mail Paige Pence, ASCO Director of Student and Residency Affairs.