ASCO and NBEO Hold Joint Meeting

NBEO-logoThe Boards of Directors of ASCO and the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) held a joint meeting Sept. 21 to discuss a number of issues of importance to both organizations. Hosted by NBEO in Charlotte, N.C., the meeting enhanced rapport among members of the Boards, enriched understanding of the interests and priorities of each organization and renewed commitment to continue this level of dialogue in the future.

Topics discussed at the meeting included:

• ways to improve communications around test results in order to better serve student-candidates’ goals

• the NBEO Parts I, II and II test-design process

• the importance of ethics training and NBEO forensics

• consideration of changes to the current approach to test administration.

The two organizations are considering the establishment of two joint task forces to work together throughout the year on these issues. Future outcomes will be reported in upcoming issues of Eye on Education.