Optovue’s Commitment to ASCO and the Ophthalmic Community

Optovue-Logo-180x180Eyecare practitioners throughout the ASCO community and across the globe have helped to validate the importance of OCT technology as a standard of care. Optovue understands the critical role these partnerships play in furthering continued innovation, and with this mindset has expanded its relationships with the ASCO community and solidified the Optovue brand in the broader ophthalmic community.

Since its founding in 2003, during the era of time-domain OCT, Optovue has held the mantle of OCT specialist because of its single-minded dedication to pioneering spectral-domain (SD-OCT), beginning with the release of the RTVue System in 2008. The first-mover advantage allowed Optovue to leverage its initial technology investment across a broad spectrum of additional SD-OCT systems designed to address specific market segments. In rapid succession, the iVue OCT, the fully automated iScan OCT, the iFusion (combined retinal camera and OCT) and, most recently, the Avanti XR systems have been introduced.

In addition to these major platform initiatives, Optovue has pioneered software advances aimed at improving resolution and efficiency and powerful analytics for early detection and management of ocular disease. One of Optovue’s most significant contributions to early diagnosis is embodied in the iWellness Screening Scan. Separate from a medical scan, since its introduction, the iWellness scan has detected early disease in hundreds of cases that otherwise may have gone undetected by traditional diagnostic tools. Optovue’s latest product innovation, the AngioVue Imaging System, uses a non-invasive method to identify vascular flow in the retina. In combination, Optovue technologies address a broad range of ophthalmic practices by providing a complete diagnostic tool that includes early detection, disease management and treatment analysis.

In addition to product development, Optovue also understands the importance of education and customer support within the ASCO community. In addition to webinars and educational symposia, Optovue Academy, introduced in 2015, is an online tool that houses hundreds of images, articles, clinical and training videos and brochures designed to enhance the OCT clinical expertise of faculty, students and technicians. Throughout the industry, Optovue is recognized as the leader in post-sale customer support and training.

Information for this Industry Spotlight was supplied by Optovue and not independently verified by Eye on Education.