New Keratoconus Classification/Staging Display

OCULUS-LogoA new tomographic keratoconus classification/staging system is now available for the Oculus Pentacam. The Belin ABCD Keratoconus Staging display independently grades the anterior corneal surface, posterior corneal surface and corneal thickness. Also, according to Oculus, the new staging system offers diagnostic and therapeutic advantages over the older Amsler-Krumeich system. The ABCD classification system is based on work by Gomes et al. and has been approved by the three main cornea societies from the Unites States, Europe and Asia.

The new Belin ABCD Keratoconus Staging display is a free update for all Pentacam/Pentacam HR users and works retrospectively for all previously taken exams. It’s also included in the topometric software of every new Pentacam/Pentacam HR device. For more information e-mail Oculus Sales.