ASCO Representatives Attend Global Forum

Global Forum

ASCO is proud to be a sponsor of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education. The Global Forum brings together organizations and institutions with common interests in health professional education to explore issues related to educating future healthcare workers and preparing them to provide care in multidisciplinary, collaborative settings.

In April 2017, Dr. Elizabeth Hoppe, ASCO Secretary-Treasurer and Founding Dean of Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry, and Dawn Mancuso, ASCO Executive Director, attended the Global Forum’s “Exploring a Business Case for High-Value Continuing Professional Development.” Workshop participants explored the financial and social return on investment for high-value continuing professional development across health and education systems and looked at various formal and informal tools, methods and models for educating the current clinical workforce.

More information about the workshop, including links to video and slide presentations, can be found online.

The next workshop of the Global Forum will focus on technology and will be held in November 2017.