Ophthalmic Optics Educators SIG 2017 Meeting Summary

Met: July 27-29, 2017; Lincolnshire, IL

Chair(s): Michele Self (UAB) and Michelle Hoff (UCB)

Attendees: 33 attendees from 15 U.S. and one Canadian institution and six sponsor representatives

Topics Discussed/Speakers:

  • Joe Bruneni Honorary Lecture (Phernell Walker)
  • ANSI for Readers (Karl Citek, PUCO)
  • Near Vision Research (Joe Pole, MCO)
  • Why a Simple Piece of Plastic Costs as Much as an iPhone (Scott Shapiro, Europa Eyewear)
  • ASCO Strategic Planning Update (Dawn Mancuso, ASCO)
  • Blue Light (Mark Rosenfield, SUNY)
  • Roundtable Discussions:
    • Case Reports on Visual Solutions (lead by Michelle Hoff, UCB)
    • VX40 Lens Analyses (lead by Michelle Hoff, UCB)
    • Curriculum and Technology (Michele Self, UAB)

Sponsor(s): Essilor of America, Europa Eyewear, Eye Med Vision Care, Hoya Vision Care, Transitions Optical, and Dr. Michelle Hoff (UCB)

Next Meeting: July 19-21, 2018 in Memphis, TN. The workshop will be chaired by Dr. Rick Savoy (SCO).

Contact: LaShawn Sidbury, ASCO’s Director of Meetings and SIGs, lsidbury@opted.org.