ASCO’s Research Survey Shows Decrease in Amount of Direct Costs Awarded to Schools

Direct costs awarded from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 for research at ASCO member institutions totaled approximately $27.2 million, down from $32.7 million the previous year, according to ASCO’s 2016-17 Research Survey Report. 19.3 million came from the National Eye Institute (down from $23.5 million) and $4.1 million from industry (down from $4.3 million). Approximately 13.7 million in direct costs was awarded for research in basic science ($14.4 million in the previous year), followed by $7.4 million for research in clinical science ($8.1 million) and $4.7 million for research in translational science ($7.4 million). One school did not participate in the survey.

The complete report was distributed to the ASCO Board of Directors in December and includes a list of direct costs awarded to each school and information about faculty and facilities devoted to research.