SIG News


Met: July 14 – 16, 2018

Chair(s): Rebecca Marinoff (SUNY)

Discussion Topics/Actions: Participants discussed guidelines/competencies related to the low vision clinical experience, the Low Vision iBook, Low vision clubs, and low vision content on the NBEO exam.

Actions: Participants formed a task force to continue working on guidelines/competencies related to the low vision clinical experience; hoping to have the iBook published next year. Participants formed a group to look at best practices for how the SIG’s Advanced Competencies can be implemented by residency programs as well as outreach to program supervisors.

Sponsor(s): Chadwick Optical; Precision Vision; Spark Therapeutics; Eschenbach; Humanware; Mattingly; Ocutech; VFO; Vision Care



Met: July 19-21, 2018

Chair: Dr. Richard Savoy (SCO)

Discussion Topics/Lectures: Dr. Mark Bullimore (SCCO) (Joe Bruneni Honorary Lecture): “Things I Wish I Knew Then; Things I Still Don’t Know;” Dr. John Mark Jackson (SCO): “Team Based Learning in Optometric Optics Education;” Drs. Nikole Himebaugh (IUSO) and Cliff Brooks (IUSO): “Passing the Tests Our Students Give;” Various SIG Members: “Ophthalmic Optics Rapid Fire Best Practices”

Actions: New SIG Chair, Dr. Cristina Law (NOVA), introduced; established three ad hoc committees to look at SIG sponsorship, curriculum review and research

Sponsor(s): Essilor of America; HOYA Vision Care; VSP; Transitions Optical; Dr. Michelle Hoff (UCB)