Continuing Education (CE) Directors SIG News

Tom Duchardt, Alcon, Co-Chair: Jennifer Ebert, UHCO and Co-Chair: Sandra Fortenberry, UIWRSO.

Met: November 9, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Chair(s): Jennifer Ebert, UHCO, Amanda Johnson, UHCO, Sandra Fortenberry, UIWRSO, Holly Frost, UIWRSO

Actions: Assigned volunteers to begin implementing CE SIG FY18-19 Strategic Initiatives; Elected Chair (Holly Frost, UIWRSO) and Chair-elect (Michelena Buckingham, PUCO) for 2019

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers:  Peer lead discussion on Best Practices for a variety of topics that impact our programs.

Sponsor: Alcon


Development Directors SIG News

Met: November 8, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Chairs: Rachel Childress (OSU), Chair; Connie Scavuzzo (ICO), Immediate Past Chair

Actions: Appointment of Sommer Thompson as Chair, and Rachel Childress as Immediate Past Chair. Chair-Elect is yet to be determined.

Discussion Topics/Speaker Highlights: Updates on Berkeley’s Development Program, Dr. John Flanagan, Dean, UCB; Create a Sustainable Alumni Community by Building a Virtual Alumni House, Ms. Jennifer Kelly Campbell, Associate Vice President, Alumni and Government Relations, SUNY; Turning a Blind Eye: Effects of Historical Tuition Increases on Charitable Giving at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, Mr. Michael Haddock, Director of Alumni Engagements, OSU.

Sponsors: Alcon, Bruder, CooperVision, Luxottica, and Vision Service Plan


Low Vision SIG News

Met: November 8, 2018, San Antonio, Texas 

Chair: Rebecca Marinoff, SUNY

Actions: Wrap up of Low Vision iBook, preliminary planning for summer meeting

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers: Presumed Charles Bonnet Syndrome presented by Linda Pang, WUCO, and Cortical Vision Impairment presented by Nicole Ross, NECO

Sponsor: Eschenbach


Neuro-rehab Educators SIG News

Met: November 8, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Chair(s): Surbhi Bansal, OD, FAAO, FCOVD (chair); Katherine Green, OD, FAAO (co-chair)

Actions: Finalize core competencies for students in OD schools – reach out to all OD schools; request syllabus; Sub-committee to compile references re: neuro-optometric rehabilitation -evidence based medicine – start with list from NORA (Neuro-optometric Rehab association)

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers: Create blogs/podcasts for ASCO about neuro-optometric Rehab and about SIG; Speaker: Dr. Curtis Baxstrom from the Neuro-optometric rehabilitation association – private practice doctors practice neuro-optometric rehab willing to lecture at optometry schools (in-person and via Skype)

Sponsor: None


Public Health Educators SIG News

Met: November 8, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Chair: Mort Soroka, SUNY

Actions: Discussion on further use of the approved ASCO Guidelines for Public Health and Environmental Vision Core Competencies and Learning Objectives document once approved to recommend public health related content on NBEO examinations and to update ACOE curriculum assessments, to survey members on placement in their curriculum, and to charge each SIG representative to advocate for filling the gaps identified in such a curriculum review; Charge to submit questions as a group to NBEO for PHEV section; Change of officer position length from 1 to 2 years in length.

Additional Topics Discussed/Speakers: Status of a central PHEV teaching resource site including teaching techniques, course outlines, video links, etc.; Development of Casebook on Optometry and Public Health; “Public Health Optometrists” who are they, what positions do they occupy?

Sponsor: None


Residency Educators SIG

Met: November 8, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Chairs: Dr. Doug Hoffman and Dr. David Loshin

Discussion Topics/Speakers: ASCO Residency Affairs Committee Update, Dr. David Loshin; ORMatch Update, Dr. Deanna Lum; Accreditation Council on Optometric Education Update, Dr. Darin Paulson; AAO Residents Day Update, Dr. Amy Grimes; ASCO Remarks, ASCO President Dr. David Damari; VA Residencies Update, Dr. John Townsend; Task Force on Sub-Specialization in Optometry Update, Dr. David Heath; AOSA and Promotion of Residencies; Ms. Annabelle Storch (AOSA President); Perspective from a Current Resident, Dr. Alicia Hanley

Roundtable Discussions: Assessment of trends in the number of students pursuing residencies; Develop a collaboration with the Residency Affairs Committee, Residency Educators SIG, AAO and AOSA to explore ways to educate students about residencies.

Sponsors: Alcon and National Vision