Salus’ Dr. Lewis Passes Presidency to His Successor

Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, whose efforts to transition the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) from a single-purpose school to a multi-purpose institution led to the establishment of Salus University in 2008, presided over his last commencement as President in May. He has “passed the baton” to his successor, Dr. Michael H. Mittelman, a PCO graduate who has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare field in both military and civilian roles.

Prior to assuming the Presidency in 1989, Dr. Lewis, a 1970 graduate of PCO, spent 17 years at the college as a Professor, Dean and Vice President. With his years of experience and deep understanding of the changing times of medicine, Dr. Lewis was the driving force behind numerous advancements and expansions that have guided the organization into the forefront of healthcare education. During his tenure as the institution’s second-longest serving President, he was the primary motivation behind the university’s move from Oak Lane to a new Elkins Park campus. He also oversaw the building of the Hafter Student Community Center and renovation of The Eye Institute, the university’s largest clinical teaching facility.


Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, right, with his successor Dr. Michael H. Mittelman.

Also: Dr. Anthony F. Di Stefano, the university’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, will step down on June 30, 2014. He began his PCO academic career as an Assistant Professor of Public Health and Chair of the Public Health department in 1974. After stepping down, Dr. Di Stefano will take a year’s sabbatical, during which time he intends to develop world class programs in public health for the university.