Mentoring Program Achieves Connections in Innovative Ways

The State University of New York College of Optometry (SUNY) is pleased with the results of a unique initiative launched last year by its Career Development Center. The Family of Mentors Program (FMP) seeks to capitalize on the vast knowledge of SUNY’s network of alumni, professionals and partners and connect them with SUNY optometry students and residents.

FMP is an online and in-person program that aims to connect students and residents with mentors to foster trusting and long-lasting relationships that help students and residents develop personally, academically and professionally and give mentors opportunities to share wisdom and expertise, develop interpersonal communication, motivation, coaching, counseling and leadership skills and build professional networks.

More information about FMP can be found online, including a video in which participants talk about the benefits of the program.

Also: SUNY officially closed its The Vision and the Promise Campaign. The ambitious fundraising campaign, the first, formal campaign in the history of the college, raised $10,200,000, exceeding its goal of raising $10 million to provide critical support for its growing educational, patient care, research and community outreach needs.