Initiatives Prompt Management Team Expansion

LG-Marco-Xfraction-logoIn support of its latest advances in vision diagnostics, Marco has expanded its management team to include:

• David Marco: CEO

• David Gurvis: President

• Jeff Perrye: Chief Operating Officer

• Robert Kalapp: Vice President/Corporate Accounts

• Jocelyn Schepsis: Vice President of Sales

• Irwin Kronenberg: Director of Institutional Sales and Professional Services

• Dr. G. Timothy Petito: Manager of Professional Relations.

Also: Marco has coined the term XFRACTION (optical path diagnostix & wavefront optimized refraxion) to represent the process of using the OPD Scan III in combination with the TRS-5100 to achieve a superior understanding of the patient’s entire optical system, allowing for quicker, more accurate, more confident refractions. Visit