TMB-Richard-Phillips-ODAs former President-Elect of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, I wish to express my gratitude and admiration to Marty Wall upon the occasion of his retirement after a quarter century of making significant contributions to optometric education and the profession of optometry.

Marty’s accomplishments will pass into legend, but his legacy will positively impact our profession for decades to come. He was instrumental in guiding our nation’s colleges of optometry to the higher standards that have helped the scope of the profession expand, thanks in part to the caliber of the programs that educate our nation’s optometric physicians.

The symposia he organized and developed during his tenure resulted in strategic plans that helped guide the professional education of 21st century optometric physicians. His work with Special Interest Groups, the Partnership Endowment and developing the central admissions application process are just some of the many accomplishments that will continue to benefit optometric education after his retirement.

My predecessor, SCO President Emeritus Billy Cochran, OD, led the search process that brought Marty to ASCO. I have had the pleasure of working with Marty during my tenure as President and will be the one to celebrate his many contributions to our profession as he leaves ASCO. I know that Billy and all Deans and Presidents, past and present, join me in expressing our appreciation to Marty Wall on his outstanding accomplishments and our appreciation to him for his notable years of service.

Richard W. Phillips, OD
Former President, Southern College of Optometry
Former ASCO President-Elect