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Met: Oct. 10, 2015

Chair: Dr. Pia Hoenig/Dr. Christina Esposito

(Dr. Marc Taub ran the meeting in Dr. Esposito’s absence)

Chair Elect: Dr. Alicia Feis

Discussion Topics: Dr. Efrain Castellanos will investigate creation of an online portal that can be used for sharing documents, such as a description of each school’s program, and a listing of all primary, secondary and tertiary SIG representatives … Increasing the number and involvement of pediatric faculty in the SIG … Suggestions and inquiries regarding a survey of services and manpower at individual institutions … Dr. Taub will spearhead grand rounds for the next meeting … Creation of a document and promotional video to educate students, incoming students and college administration/recruiters about BV/VT



Met: Oct. 9, 2015 in New Orleans

Chair: outgoing, Dr. Ruth Trachimowicz; incoming, Dr. Jan Bergmanson

Actions: Dr. Lourdes Fortepiani elected Vice Chair (for 2015-16 and 2016-17)

Discussion Topics: Potential ways in addition to e-mail and Google Drive for SIG members to communicate and share information … How to best achieve interprofessional education … Increasing NBEO transparency to better guide basic science faculty as to topics included on the NBEO outline and matrix … Use of cases in basic science courses to emphasize what optometrists need to know; sharing cases among SIG members


Members of the Clinical Directors/Administrators SIG during their October 2015 meeting.

Members of the Clinical Directors/Administrators SIG during their October 2015 meeting.


Dr. Glenn Hammack (right) Founding President, NuPhysicia LLC, was awarded the first Dr. Lester Caplan (left) Honorary Lecture. His presentation was titled “Telemedicine - Recent and Coming Issues of Technology, Regulation, Ethics, and the Social Contract of Licensed Practice.”

Dr. Glenn Hammack (right) Founding President, NuPhysicia LLC, was awarded the first Dr. Lester Caplan (left) Honorary Lecture. His presentation was titled “Telemedicine – Recent and Coming Issues of Technology, Regulation, Ethics, and the Social Contract of Licensed Practice.”

Met: Oct. 22-24, 2015

Chair: Mr. Richard Stroud

Discussion Topics/Speakers: Healthcare Compliance: Dr. James Chapman, Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, UIWRSO … Building a Healthcare Compliance Program: Dr. Chapman … Medical Quality Assurance: An Overview: Dr. Christopher Choat, Assistant Clinical Professor, UIWRSO … Risk Management and Patient Safety in Health Care: An Overview: Dr. Choat … Compliance Overview: Dr. Peter Cass, Managing Partner, Optometric Business Solutions and Consultant, Crystal Practice Management …    ICD-10 Coding Guidelines: Dr. Cass … ICD-10 in Clinical Practice: Dr. Cass … Coordination of Care: Dr. Cass … Doctrine of Corporate Responsibility: Clinical Privileging: Dr. Chapman

Award: Dr. Glenn Hammack, Founding President, NuPhysicia LLC, received the first Dr. Lester Caplan Honorary Lecture award. Dr. Hammack’s presentation was titled: Telemedicine – Recent and Coming Issues of Technology, Regulation, Ethics, and the Social Contract of Licensed Practice.

Sponsor Panel Discussion: Enhancing Optometric Education Through Industry Provided Resources. Moderator: Mr. Mark Risher, Senior Manager, Optometric Academic Development, Allergan. Panelists: Ms.

Cindy Braden, VP, Sales, RevolutionEHR; Dr. Anne-Marie Lahr, Director of Education, Hoya Vision Care; Mr. Pete Mastores, President, Volk Optical.

Sponsors: Alcon, Allergan Inc., Bausch + Lomb, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Carl Zeiss Vision, Compulink Business Systems, Essilor of America, EyeMed Vision Care, Heine, Haag-Streit – Reliance Medical Products, HOYA Vision Care, Keeler Instruments Inc., M&S Technologies, Marco, National Vision Inc., Oculus Inc., Optos, Optovue, RevolutionEHR, Transitions Optical, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc., Vision Service Plan, Volk Optical Inc., Walmart Stores Inc.



Met: Oct. 6, 2015

Chair: Dr. Kaila Osmotherly

Actions: Dr. Laura Falco, NSU, was elected to serve as Chair for a one-year term; Dr. Joan Potello, SUNY, was elected Chair-Elect

Discussion Topics/Speakers: Bio Sim Lab, Dr. Heather Anderson … Practical Survey Updates and Discussion, Dr. Helene Kaiser … HER Presentation, Dr. James Miller … Remediating the Failing Student: Didactic and Laboratory, Dr. Srihari Narayanan and Dr. Eunice Lee … NBEO CSE Passage Rates: Remediation and Curriculum Changes, Dr. Carrie Lebowitz … New vs. Traditional Technology, Dr. Fuensanta Vera-Diaz and Dr. Ryan Bulson

Sponsors: Keeler Instruments Inc.



Met: Oct. 9, 2015

Co-Chairs: Dr. Elizabeth Grantner (ICO), Dr. Betshally Torres (SUNY)

Discussion Topics/Speakers: Interprofessional Education: Dr. John H. Nishimoto … COPE Policy Change: Dr. Susy Yu and Ms. Lisa Fennell, ARBO Executive Director

Roundtable Discussions: National CE calendar … Time management … Best practice … CE workshops

Sponsor: National Vision



Met: Oct. 8, 2015 in New Orleans

Chair: Ms. Andrea Carthew, Associate Director of Advancement, University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Vision Science

Actions: The 2016 meeting will be held on Nov. 17 at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University … 2016 Planning Committee: Chair, Ms. Connie Scavuzzo, Sr. Director of Alumni Relations, Illinois College of Optometry; Chair-Elect, Ms. Erika Bernal, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University; Past Chair, Ms. Carthew

Discussion Topics/Speakers: Stewardship as the New “Ask,” Mr. David Kinahan, VP Development, Tulane School of Medicine … Current Trends in Communication, Ms. Peggy Striplin, Senior Director of Development/Director of Alumni Affairs, UAB School of Optometry … (Sweet) 16 Months In: A New Dean’s Perspective on Development, Dr. Karla Zadnik, The Ohio State University College of Optometry

Roundtable Discussions: Engaging young alumni … What do you with an alumni association … Angry/disgruntled alumni … Strategic priorities – coordinating efforts when everyone is asking

Sponsor: International Vision Expo



Met: Oct. 22, 2015

Chairs: Dr. Cheryl Ervin, SCO, and Dr. Harue Marsden, SCCOMBKU

Discussion Topics/Speakers: Practice Management in Externships: Dr. Peter Kehoe, Professional Relations Advisor, Transitions Optical … The SCO Model: Dr. Ervin, Director of Externship and Residency Programs, SCO … Distance Learning Modules/Externship Implementation: Mr. Mark Risher, Senior Manager, Optometric Academic Development, Allergan … Online Training of Preceptors: Dr. Marsden, Associate Dean for Clinical Education, SCCOMBKU … Industry Resources to Support Externships: Mr. Tom Duchardt, Director Professional Relations – Academic Development, Alcon

Annual Reports of Affiliated Extern Programs: VA: Dr. John Townsend … Navy: Dr. Kevin Jackson (via conference call) … United States Public Health Service: Dr. Pamela Conrad (via conference call)

Roundtable Discussion: Impact of proposed changes by the ACOE on externships

Sponsors: Alcon, Allergan Inc.



Met: Oct. 9, 2015

Chair: Dr. Hector Santiago, IAUPR

Discussion Topics/Speakers: ASCO survey: Dr. Andrés Pagán … Survey Latin American Association of Optometry and Optics (ALDOO): Dr. Santiago … Opportunities for north-south cooperation: Dr. Santiago, Dr. Janet Leasher, Dr. Marcela Frazier

Presentations by other groups: VOSH, WCO, BHI, OGS



Met: Oct. 7, 2015

Chair: Dr. Sharon Lee

Discussion Topics: Advanced Level Competencies and Learning Objectives survey results … Updates on development of Low Vision iBook … Financial update and fundraising efforts

Guest Speakers: Dr. Joanne Wood (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) on her research in the area of vision, aging and driving … Chadwick Optical on latest product updates

Next meeting: July 14-16, 2016 at Midwestern University Arizona College of Optometry



Met: Oct. 8, 2015

Chair: Dr. Valerie Wren

Discussion Topics: The SIG will determine entry-level competencies and raise awareness for a new graduate to be able to treat traumatic brain injury, stroke and the neurologically challenged without additional residency training (new graduate minimum competency). This is an area of growth for optometry, and this project will address the needed care for this underserved population and foster interdisciplinary/interprofessional management for future optometrists.



Met: Oct. 8, 2015

Chair: Dr. Patrick Yoshinaga (SCCOMBKU)

Actions: Learning objectives and core competencies will be written by assigned SIG members and will be collected in December so that the new version of “Public Health and Environmental Optometry Learning Objectives and Competencies for Schools and Colleges of Optometry” can be drafted

Discussion Topics: The PHE SIG document “Essential Public Health and Environmental Optometry Curriculum Content for Schools and Colleges of Optometry” and its progress towards ASCO approval … Development of entry level competencies and learning objectives based on the “Essential Public Health and Environmental Optometry Curriculum Content for Schools and Colleges of Optometry” document and ASCO’s “Attributes of Students Graduating from Schools and Colleges of Optometry” document … Development of a central teaching resource site that would be available to all of the SIG members and include teaching techniques, course outlines, video links, etc.



Met: Oct. 8, 2015 in New Orleans

Chairs: Dr. Doug Hoffman and Dr. David Loshin

Discussion Topics/Speakers: ASCO Residency Affairs Committee update, Dr. Stanley Woo … ORMatch update, Dr. Karen Fern … Accreditation Council on Optometric Education update, Dr. Bart Campbell … AAO Residents Day update, Dr. Wes DeRosier … VA residencies update, Dr. John Townsend and Dr. Debbie Hettler … ASCO remarks, ASCO President Dr. David Heath … Residents and the ASCO Future Faculty Program, Dr. Joan Portello

Roundtable Discussions: Technology utilized by residency programs … Research/other projects in residency programs … Residency networking

Sponsor: Alcon



Met: Oct. 7-9, 2015

Chair: Ms. Kristin Motte, NECO

Actions: The SIG’s next meeting will be Nov. 9-12, 2016 in Anaheim, Calif.

Discussion Topics/Speakers: How to find evidence-based references and resources (Ferimer, Holland, Motte) … Annual reviews in vision science, overview and Q&A (Lopez) … A Solution in Sight grant update and new grant-funded project (Anton, Sieving) … Mentor and train a less experienced resident as a vision science librarian (Liu) … What statistics and other kinds of assessments do libraries keep? (Wells) … New and innovative resources and services members are offering their communities; how are our libraries changing? … Optometry eBooks from Ridgevue Publishing (Bullimore) … ICO’s redesign (Weber) … The PharmLib model and future meeting format ideas (Matthews) … ASCO update (Motte) … Futuring discussion, part 1: Where is the organization now and how does it need to change to meet the needs of members today? Changes in membership and the field; how do we meet the needs of all our members? (Wells) … Challenges and opportunities in information resources for global vision health: A Solution in Sight (Banu, Gurupari, Sieving) … Slides, videos, etc., what should we do with antiquated formats? (Holland) … Mentoring (Anton, Sieving) … Website design and website committee discussion … Futuring discussion, part 2: Conclusions … Cochrane/evidence-based medicine and Altmetric (Sieving) … Book distribution partnership (Holland) … Overview of TOMS One for One Giving Sight program and World Sight Day activities (Kent, via phone) … Information literacy, evidence-based practice and the Association of College & Research Libraries’ Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education