New Specular Microscope, Instrument Stand

TopconLogo-LARGETopcon has introduced two new tools for eyecare offices, the IS-5500 Instrument Stand and the SP-1P Specular Microscope.

The IS-5500 Instrument Stand features several new functions, including a white LED overhead lamp, a smaller and more compact design that brings the control panel and charging wells closer to the user, and an illuminated liquid-proof membrane control panel that allows easy operation in darkened environments and provides full control of the stand, chair and room light functions. The EZ-Lock Brake Release mechanism enables effortless movement and easy storage between exams.

The SP-1P Specular Microscope is fully automated and designed for documentation and analysis of the corneal endothelium. Its 10.4-inch rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a control lever and can be turned to various angles, allowing operation of the instrument from virtually any position. The microscope offers comprehensive Analysis Software and a Wide Angle “Panorama” Photography Mode that substantially increases the size of the analyzed area.

For more information, visit the Topcon website.