New Slit Lamp Offers Lower Illumination and Flexible Features

Keeler logo LRGThe new Z Series slit lamp from Keeler is a lower illumination system that also offers flexible features and options for comprehensive examination of the anterior and posterior segments. According to the company, the Z series is the only slit lamp currently available with a 1-mm square aperture and 14-mm variable slit width. In addition, manual adjustment of both slit length and width, choice of binocular type and magnification range, and full digital upgrade are possible.

The Z Series provides a wide range of apertures, both manual and preset, for quick adaptation to a range of exam needs. Slit angle can be continually adjusted 360°, and blue, red-free, clear and neutral density filters are included. A flip-up diffuser provides good visualization of the whole eye at low magnification, and a yellow barrier filter is included for detection of subtle corneal staining.

For more information, visit the Keeler website, send an e-mail, call (800) 523-5620, or contact an authorized dealer.