Tune into the Latest ASCO Podcasts

Are you up-to-date with the ASCO Podcast Series? Check out the two most recently produced installments:

  • Hayley Barber, Miss Alabama 2016 and Miss America 2017 contestant, talks about why she plans to apply to optometry school and Sight for Small Eyes, the organization she created to raise awareness about the importance of comprehensive eye examinations at a young age. Sight for Small Eyes is partnered with optometrists and several organizations to raise funds for Sight Savers America as well as provide children with free vision screenings. Barber has also written a legislative bill, sponsored by Alabama State Sen. Cam Ward, that would require children in the state of Alabama to have a comprehensive eye examination before entering public or private kindergarten.
  • Student wellness expert Dr. Jonathan Peretz discusses the nature of stress and what students can do to combat it in order to safeguard their physical, mental and spiritual health. As students deal with the “mountain of demands” placed upon them, he says, stress can manifest in a number of ways, including physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral. Dr. Peretz explains that while a little bit of stress is good, for motivation, for example, acute and chronic stress above that level are associated with health problems. He talks about the benefits for students of adopting a mindset in which taking time for mindfulness, proper nutrition, exercise, pursuing fulfilling activities and spending time with those who make them happy is just as important as whatever work needs to be done.

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