New Cultural Competency Resource

ASCO’s Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee (DCCC) recently posted a new online resource, Case Studies in Cultural Competency. This downloadable compendium of case studies is available at no charge to faculty, students and other interested individuals at ASCO member schools and colleges. It contains the winning and best case studies from two years’ worth of entries submitted to the ASCO Cultural Competency Case Study Competition for Students and Residents.

For those wanting to incorporate cultural competency into their teaching and clinical efforts, the compendium is a must-have tool. Each case study describes an actual patient-based encounter and offers details regarding patient-centered attitude, knowledge and skills as well as the dilemma or circumstance pertaining to cultural awareness/competency, how the situation was handled, and what was learned from it. Case discussion questions are also included in the document.

In 2014 the DCCC launched the ASCO Cultural Competency Case Study Competition for Students and Residents with the goal of receiving case studies that could be utilized during cultural competency curriculum guidelines implementation workshops and by all optometric educators. Generous funding of the DCCC’s cultural competency efforts from Walmart over the past several years covered the monetary awards presented to winners of the competition and the editing and formatting of the case studies.

The DCCC is working on building a resource list to be added to the Case Studies in Cultural Competency document and will follow-up with ASCO schools and colleges to ascertain how the document is being utilized.