ASCO’s Volunteer Culture Discussed as Part of Strategic Plan


ASCO’s Culture Task Force, chaired by ASCO President Dr. Karla Zadnik, met on March 16 to continue the progress being made in developing ASCO’s comprehensive Strategic Plan. The charge of the Task Force is to analyze the responses to a recent volunteer culture survey and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for changes to that culture to empower the Association to meet its mission in the future. The Culture Task Force discussed:

  • The current state of the ASCO volunteer culture – “What Is”
  • ASCO volunteer success drivers – “What Should Be”
  • Cultural priorities – “What Must Be”

A future action item was identified to create sub-groups to further define and refine cultural priorities.

Members of the task force include: Dr. Karla Zadnik, OSU (chair); Dr. Kristin Anderson, SCO; Dr. Mike Bacigalupi, NOVA; Dr. Jenny Coyle, PUCO; Dr. David Damari, MCO; Dr. Larry Davis, UMSL; Dr. Keshia Elder, UAB; Dr. David Heath, SUNY; Dr. Fraser Horn, PUCO; Ms. Dawn Mancuso, ASCO; Ms. Paige Pence, ASCO; Dr. Lewis Reich, SCO; Ms. LaShawn Sidbury, ASCO; and Ms. Christine Wilmer, UCB.

This task force will continue to meet frequently over the next three months. Stay tuned to Eye on Education for updates.