Full-Time Faculty Increases 5%


The number of full-time faculty at optometry schools and colleges grew by 5.4% last year, to 755 from 716 FTE the year before, according to the 2016-17 Annual Faculty Data Report published this past week by ASCO. Contributing to this increase in faculty was an increase in the number of institutions participating in the survey; all 23 institutions in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico participated this year, whereas there were only 21 schools operating at the year before. There was a 2% growth in full-time faculty among those 21 schools.

The report also detailed some additional changes to faculty composition:

  • The number of female faculty members increased 7.8% (now at 54.8% of total) and male faculty members decreased 2.7%.
  • 35% of the faculty have tenure and 16.8% are on a tenure track at the 19 institutions offering tenure.
  • The average age of didactic full professors is 60.1 years of age; 57.2 years for clinical full professors.
  • For those becoming faculty within the last year, 34.9% came from a residency program; 23.3% from another academic institution; and 17.4% from an optometry practice.

The full report was made available to the Deans and Presidents of ASCO’s member schools and colleges in March. The public report can be reached here.