KYCO Collaborates with Cassini


The University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO), has announced a collaboration agreement with Cassini to provide the next generation of Doctors of Optometry with one of the most innovative corneal analysis instruments using the Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer. The agreement is aimed at improving education and research in key critical areas of optometry including astigmatism, corneal pathologies, dry eye and surgical co-management.

George Asimellis, PhD, assistant professor of optics, initiated the discussion with Cassini and was instrumental in facilitating the collaboration agreement.

“At KYCO, we have put a premium on the technology offered to our students and patients,” said Asimellis.

An anterior-segment imaging expert, Asimellis has been working with Cassini since the prototype device was created. He has published six peer-reviewed papers on the subject matter and presented the Cassini in various international conferences.

“For any corneal refractive procedure to be successful it requires a comprehensive and thorough imaging of the cornea. Anterior and posterior astigmatism can affect the results,” said Asimellis. “Cassini is uniquely positioned among other anterior imaging devices to provide perhaps the most accurate estimate of total corneal astigmatism, both its magnitude as well as its axis.”

Cassini uses patented multi-colored LED point-to-point ray tracing to provide a GPS-like analysis of the cornea including axial and elevation maps used for cataract planning, contact lens fitting and diagnosing corneal pathologies.

“Our patented technology platform allows us to expand applications to improve the quality of eye care and having an influential partner such as Kentucky College of Optometry certainly will aide our research and development,” stated Jeroen Cammeraat, CEO of Cassini.