DC Monuments are Backdrop for ASCO Annual Meeting

DC board pic

ASCO Ushers in New President as Fiscal Year Begins

The ASCO Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting in Washington, DC last month. President Karla Zadnik led the first day of the two-day meeting which included updates on ASCO’s Strategic Plan, a development effort she has been leading for a year and a half. On day two, Dr. Zadnik passed the gavel to ASCO’s new President, Dr. David Damari who will lead ASCO during fiscal year 2017-2018.

Additional Annual Meeting highlights include:

  • Presentation on NBEO Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease (TMOD) exam by Dr. William B. Rafferty, NBEO President and Interim Executive Director, Dr. Jill Bryant
  • Updates on the establishment of sub-specializations in optometry, new CE accreditation processes, Public Health core competencies, ABO School Ambassador Program, and the Association of Practice Management Educators
  • Discussion from the Joint Project Team continuing to develop a robust, diverse and highly qualified applicant pool
  • Corporate Contributor presentations from Volk Optical, Zeiss Meditech and Essilor
  • Board roundtable on the Optometry Admission Test (OAT)
  • Resolutions recognizing Dr. Karla Zadnik and Dr. Harue J. Marsden (posthumously).

Following the Annual Meeting, invited guests attended the Annual Leadership Luncheon. There, ASCO presented its Special Recognition awards to:

  • Melvin Shipp – ASCO Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Catherine McDaniel – ASCO Rising Star Award
  • Mike Elton – ASCO Ophthalmic Industry Leadership Award
  • Gregory M. Fecho, Jamie Althoff and Patrick Hardigan – Dr. Lester Janoff Award for Writing Excellence

The ASCO Board of Directors next meets in Chicago on October 10, 2017.