Judith Gertzog Joins ASCO for Summer

Judith Gertzog

by Judith Gertzog, ASCO intern

Judith Gertzog joined ASCO’s team in late May. Judith is entering her sophomore year at the University of Michigan where she plans to pursue majors in public health and public policy. Hoping to gain experience in the non-profit world and passionate about public health and policy related issues, Judith is excited to help ASCO promote the optometric profession.

Judith grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, but lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan during the school year. Her past experiences include interning for a local grassroots campaign where she conducted policy and donor research and participated in campaign fundraising and canvassing. Additionally, Judith was also an intern for her high school’s journal of psychology where she assisted with the editing and production of the journal.

So far, Judith has enjoyed her experience at ASCO and is excited to see what else they have in store for her. She looks forward to learning more about the field of optometry and developing an understanding for what makes a non-profit successful. Judith hopes to take the skills she learns from her time with ASCO and apply them to future internships and jobs.