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Johnson & Johnson Vision Champions Eye Health Advocates Through All-new Advocacy Academy

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. announced the launch of Advocacy Academy, an on-demand virtual learning tool to educate, empower and mobilize a new community of eye health advocates to engage with lawmakers, agencies and patient associations on key issues impacting eye health. Advocacy Academy is the latest addition to the company’s Vision to Action advocacy efforts.

The self-paced modules are designed with generational learning styles in mind and provide guidance to eye health professionals who have an interest in sharing their expertise and insights with lawmakers, agencies and associations to effectively advocate for policies that put patients first.

“So many eye care professionals have asked me how to get involved – what they can do to make an impact,” said Carol Alexander, OD, Director of Professional Communication, Vision Care, for Johnson & Johnson Vision in North America. “It is exciting because there actually is so much we can do – engaging with lawmakers, agencies and associations is an important component of advocacy, but even a simple phone call, or sharing the right information with a network on social media can bring necessary attention to important issues in eye health.”

Coinciding with the launch of Advocacy Academy, Johnson & Johnson Vision has also revamped its online home for eye health advocacy information – Vision to Action – formatting the site for easier search and quicker access to the most relevant resources. Vision to Action is the next generation one-stop shop for resources that eye care professionals, policymakers and the public can use to stay updated on policy initiatives and proposals at the state and federal levels impacting eye health. Visit for more information.

“As we continue to make progress with our advocacy efforts, we want to make it as simple as possible to equip eye care professionals with the resources and information they need to become advocates, too,” said Millicent Knight, OD, Vice President, Professional Affairs, Vision Care, for Johnson & Johnson Vision in North America. “With the launch of Advocacy Academy and a newly designed Vision to Action website, we are confident that the results of our combined advocacy efforts will continue to make a real impact for patients and doctors.”