AZCOPT Redesigns, Expands Pre-clinical Laboratory


The Arizona College of Optometry at Midwestern University has re-opened their pre-clinic laboratory at their campus in Glendale, Arizona.

The re-design and expansion of the 4,407-square-foot lab and attached classroom will be utilized in all Methods, Low Vision, and Contact Lens courses. The new lab contains a new teaching lane and 30 student workstations that each include an exam chair and stand, desktop, and cabinet storage area.

The technology of the lab has been upgraded so that live or recorded videos may be sent to monitors at each individual work station. This has led to improved live demonstrations as the professor can broadcast the same image to each station simultaneously from their teaching lane. An internal camera captures exactly what the doctor is seeing, while external cameras surrounding the doctor are used to demonstrate positioning and technique from different perspectives. Multimedia broadcasts can also be shown to each station.

Three separate, enclosed exam lanes have been designed to simulate the NBEO experience. Video in these lanes provide enough detail that student performance can be recorded and used for self-critique and/or proficiency evaluation.