The Haag-Streit Fundus Module 300 Brings Fundus Imagery into Education Easily and Efficiently

Hands-on fundus imagery education is now easier than ever

Implement a more hands-on version of fundus imagery education at your university. The Haag-Streit Fundus Module 300 slit lamp attachment is an innovative fundus camera that attaches directly to Haag-Streit slit lamps for full, stable integration with the examination process. With the Fundus Module 300, you get the superior optics and stability you’d expect from a standalone fundus camera, but with the value you’d expect from a handheld fundus camera.

“Fundus imagery is very important to the education of our future ophthalmologists and optometrists, but it’s a division of our field that isn’t always represented as well as it could be, because in the past it hasn’t been that easy to demonstrate,” says Pascal Gartmann, Sales and Marketing Director of the General Diagnostic Division at Haag-Streit USA. “The Fundus Module 300 works seamlessly with Haag-Streit slit lamps, and allows integration of non-mydiatric retinal imaging as part of the regular slit lamp examination. Its simplicity and compatibility allows for full examination without the need for a separate, stand-alone fundus camera. Just attach it to your slit lamp, and you’re ready to go.”

The Fundus Module 300 is designed to enhance the functionality of Haag-Streit slit lamps, making examinations easier to perform and easier to document and share with students. Mounting the Fundus Module 300 on the slit lamp is simple and effective, allowing users to capture a retinal image in a matter of seconds. The camera is controlled by the Haag-Streit control panel (RM02), and captured images are immediately transferred to Haag-Streit’s EyeSuite software. The Fundus Module 300 is compatible with the BQ 900, BP 900, BI 900 and BM 900 slit lamps, and can be used in combination with the IM 900 or IM 600.

For more information about Haag-Streit or the Fundus Module 300, contact Pascal Gartmann at pgartmann@haag-streit-usa.com or visit hsdriven.com/fundus