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Hoya Blue Light White Paper Available

In an effort to clear up confusion around the performance of blue light filtration products, Hoya spent the past several months combing published peer-reviewed research to develop new tools that help independent practices know fact from fiction. The white paper, “What We Know – And Don’t Know – About Blue Light: Evidence-based Guidelines for Recommending Blue Light Filtration for Your Patients,” and accompanying tools have been released to the market today. Visit http://info.hoyavision.com/us-blue-light-white-paper for more.

New Global hoyavision.com Connects Patients and Eye Care Providers Jargon-Free Web Site Makes Lens Technology Easy to Understand

HOYA Vision Care’s Global Brand Focused New Website
Hoyavision.com Makes Lens Technology Easy for Patients and Eye Care Professionals


People today first go to the Internet when they need assistance and they search using plain problem/solution based words and phrases. The new hoyavision.com is written in plain simple sentences so the average person visiting the site can understand the features and benefits of HOYA’s lens designs, materials and treatments. ECPs can get connected with their local representative and patients can get connected with an eye care provider in their zip code.

“This is an exciting time for HOYA,” said Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, North America. “We’re growing as an international company and brand, yet the new web site offers functionality at the local level that helps us stay connected and relevant to our customers.”

Whether you want to know how to clean your eye glasses cleaning cloth or the research behind HOYA’s latest product launch, HOYA’s new blog content is written by experts in that field. Eye care providers are offered product technology, practice development and other content that is geared toward helping them build their business and differentiate their brand. Independent practices are encouraged to use the advice to develop alternative strategies to BOGOs, two-pair-for-$99, and other downward spiral pricing tactics.

The new hoyavision.com has been translated into more than 40 languages. Each country or region has the ability to customize their content and blog posts for the needs of their market all while staying within the global brand standards and contributing to the maximization of HOYA’s global presence online.

“The most important thing to me as an active practitioner is that HOYA is using their resources to support my practice,” said Dr. Thomas Gosling, owner of a private practice in Colorado and member of HOYA’s advisory panel. He continued, “It is great to know that patients seeking practical advice on eye glasses can rely on HOYA and then they can enter their zip code and find my practice. I’ve been asked to contribute several articles to the blog targeted to my fellow practitioners with the goal of keeping the message simple and offering practical advice that can be implemented. So far the feedback has been very positive!”

Explore the resources on the all new www.hoyavision.com.