Residency Slots Continue to Increase

The number of residency slots affiliated with member schools in the 50 states and Puerto Rico rose 13% from AY 2014-15 to AY 2016-17, and 78% since 2006-07, according to ASCO’s 2016-17 Residency Program Funding and Promotion Survey report, released in March. Of the 442 slots in 2016-17, 47% were Veterans Administration (VA) residencies funded by the VA. Twenty-eight percent were residencies in external (non-VA) institutions and funded externally, and 19% were residencies in the clinics of the schools/colleges funded by the school/college.

For U.S. residency programs funded by optometry schools, stipends ranged from $30,000 to $41,600; the average for all schools was $36,691, a 5% increase from two years ago. (Each school is weighted equally regardless of the number of residency slots.) Stipends for externally-funded programs ranged from $16,848 to $64,228, and stipends funded by the VA ranged from $31,965 to $38,010. The complete report can be found here.