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Modified Digital Indirect, Keeler University, & HAVEN

Keeler Americas is now offering our Keeler Modified Digital Indirect to schools and colleges of optometry. This is the same unit that is being utilized at the NBEO for all students taking Part 3 of their exam. The feedback on this video indirect implementation in Charlotte has been vastly positive. Ease of use is being combined with a great view to allow for swift examination by the student, and concise evaluation by a professor.

Keeler has recently launched our Keeler University which is a vehicle for providing a clearer understanding of our products and how they strive to solve the challenges faced by our customers. We will achieve this goal through a series of regional symposiums centered around a guest lecturer with inside knowledge into a pertinent topic, webinars designed to facilitate discourse on relevant topics within the optometry market, and with the addition of an advisory council of experts who will keep us in touch with current trends. Keeler University acts as a conduit between our customers and those with the knowledge our customers deem valuable.

Keeler, through a partnership, has developed a telemedicine system called HAVEN which stands for Health and Vision Evaluation Network. This innovative new telemedicine ecosystem is designed to help patients and clinicians engage in meaningful interactions and facilitate impactful healthcare. HAVEN works to empower doctors on a technological level to provide progressive and superlative eyecare in this rapidly changing world. HAVEN has the potential to deliver access to eyecare with remote communication, engagement of patients in their own health with monitoring of visual acuity, amsler grid testing, and symptoms with Eyecare Live, superb technological analysis of dry eye patients, contact lens specialty fits with the Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS) software and consultation with eye care specialists for expert opinions and/or referrals through PeerMed. With telemedicine’s expansion, HAVEN provides a HIPAA compliant solution to the everyday technological challenges in communication of patient data and consultations that allows doctors to continue to participate in and strengthen their patient relationships. For more information and to learn how to become a partner in this ecosystem visit

Keeler is a market leader in the design and manufacture of diagnostic, magnification and illumination products for optometrists, ophthalmologists, dentists, surgeons and veterinarians. The company is based in Windsor, United Kingdom with US headquarters in Malvern, Pa.