Health Professions Week Educates Thousands about the Field of Optometry

 ASCO, together with several other health education professions, participated in Health Professions Week (HPW), a week-long virtual event for high school and college students who are interested in learning more about the different health professions.

Held during Nov. 5 – 9, potential students had many opportunities to learn about the field of optometry and what the profession can offer them, communicate one-on-one with admissions staff from the optometric institutions during a virtual career fair, visit ASCO’s virtual exhibit booth and watch various videos from its YouTube channel, and play fun and interactive games on social media including participating in a Twitter Chat.

HPW participants also had the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers on the value of a health profession, learn what each profession’s specific advocacy priorities are, and perhaps most importantly learn about financial aid, budgeting for post-graduate education and being a good steward of one’s finances.

ASCO looks forward to participating in the next Health Professions Week which is slated to occur in the fall of 2019. Stay tuned!