Student Research Named Newsworthy by the American Academy of Optometry

Jessica Jasien, doctoral candidate in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Vision Science Graduate Program, was invited by the American Academy of Optometry to present what was called one of the 10 most newsworthy abstracts of 2018. Jasien, a native of Rumson, NJ, presented her findings Nov. 7 in San Antonio, Texas, at the AAO’s annual meeting.

Her presentation, “IOP and Intracranial Pressure Measurement with Continuous Wireless Telemetry to Quantify Translaminar Pressure Difference in Nonhuman Primates,” discussed the role of cerebrospinal fluid pressure in glaucoma pathogenesis.

“We have developed an implantable pressure telemetry system that measures continuous intraocular pressure and intracranial pressure. The quantification of real-time translaminar pressure difference will help to identify how fluctuations may contribute to glaucoma onset and/or progression,” Jasien said. “I am honored that my work has been found to be newsworthy by the AAO Academy Communications Committee, and look forward to the impact of this work and future of the field of vision science and glaucoma research.”

AAO’s annual meeting serves to provide a diverse array of groundbreaking research in optometry and vision science and relevant education on the latest practices.