Essilor Builds on Rich History to Continue Moving Forward

Essilor-Logo-LARGEFor more than 160 years, Essilor has offered eyeglass wearers the benefits of its innovation. Essilor was created from Essel and Silor, the two companies that dominated the French optical eyewear market in the mid-20th century. The new company inherited a priceless tradition from its two predecessors — the entrepreneurial values of mutual trust, respect and building on differences — which make it unique and encourage a spirit of initiative, enabling it to stay consistently ahead of the curve.

The group’s corporate culture is built on the innovation that drives its employees on a daily basis and makes it possible to continue creating life-changing visual solutions. Essilor is credited with the invention of the progressive lens, creation of plastic lenses, high-tech vision measurement tools, customization of visual correction, and premium lens treatments with the highest levels of UV protection and protection against the damaging blue light spectrum so common in our digital world.

For Essilor, “Seeing the World Better” is the result of a rich history, setting the stage for our work in the future. With customers in mind, Essilor works closely with eyecare professionals to provide innovative products that fit their lifestyles. The industry’s most technologically advanced lenses — Varilux, Crizal, Xperio, Definity, Airwear, Thin&Lite, and Transitions — demonstrate the company’s ability to respond to consumer demand for quality eyewear that not only corrects poor vision but also protects vision long-term.

Throughout North America, Essilor has more than 10,000 dedicated employees located in 128 prescription laboratories, four manufacturing facilities, two distribution centers and one research and development center. Essilor of America is a fully owned subsidiary of Paris-based Essilor International and is the largest business unit in the worldwide Essilor Group.

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*Information for this Industry Spotlight was supplied by Essilor and not independently verified by Eye on Education.