A New Focus on Schools: Grand Rounds

Vantage Plus Digital Large

Keeler Instruments Inc is constantly improving and expanding our product line to build excitement about Keeler in Optometry. This year we are looking to build even stronger alliances with the Schools and Colleges of Optometry through our Grand Rounds Program.

The Vantage Plus Slimline Digital Indirect will be the focal point of our own form of grand rounds. These free exercises will be carried out by taking BIO in hand and traveling to as many college campuses as possible. We will be walking interested parties through a one-on-one demonstration to acquaint both Keeler, and non-Keeler owners with the equipment they will see at the NBEO. It is our intent to provide as much information and preparation to students as possible, and we hope to share that enthusiasm with you!

Visit us on our website and contact Trevor Donley at tpd@keelerusa.com if you are interested in setting up a Keeler Grand Round at your school. We look forward to seeing you at your local campus!