Alcon Offers AIR OPTIX® and DAILIES® Choice Programs to Improve Patient Access to Affordable Contact Lens Wear

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Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, announces the launch of AIR OPTIX® Choice, a new program which aims to provide patients access to the latest technology in monthly contact lenses and an easy-to-remember replacement schedule. The AIR OPTIX® Choice Program offers significant savings on most AIR OPTIX® contact lenses, including Alcon’s latest innovation, new AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde contact lenses. At the same time, Alcon will extend its existing DAILIES® Choice Program, which allows eye care professionals (ECPs) to offer patients access to a convenient and compliant contact lens option by reducing the price of DAILIES® brand lenses to that of 2-week replacement lenses.

“At Alcon, we believe all patients should wear contact lenses with a healthy replacement schedule that fits their lifestyles,” said Rick Weisbarth, OD, FAAO and Vice President of Professional Affairs for Alcon US Vision Care. “To that end, years ago, we made a commitment known as the Power of One™ Program to focus our contact lens portfolio on one-day and one-month replacement schedules that help promote compliance, regular annual visits for patients, and practice growth. We demonstrate that commitment again with both the DAILIES® Choice and AIR OPTIX® Choice Programs.”

DAILIES® Choice and AIR OPTIX® Choice Programs are comprehensive support programs designed with extensive direct-to-patient advertising, encouraging patient visits to their ECP. The Programs include comprehensive, in-office support materials for ECPs and patients and help eliminate price barriers to increase contact lens access for patients.

The DAILIES® Choice  Program includes  up to $200 in savings* on a patient’s first annual supply of either DAILIES TOTAL1® or DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses. The AIR OPTIX® Choice Program includes up to $100 in savings* on an annual supply for patients new to the AIR OPTIX® family of contact lenses or an existing patient that is switching lenses  within the AIR OPTIX® family.

The AIR OPTIX® Choice and DAILIES® Choice Programs are both available online, allowing a simple, streamlined process for patients to submit their rebate materials.  For more information about the programs, including the programs’ full terms and conditions, visit and