Topcon Medical Systems and M&S Technologies Partner on Computerized Vision Testing Systems

Topcon CVM&S

Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) of Oakland, NJ and M&S® Technologies of Niles, IL are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership where M&S Technologies will exclusively provide the M&S Smart System® software to Topcon Medical Systems for incorporation into the Topcon CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester.

“We are very excited to announce an expansive integration of the M&S Smart System software into the CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester. The combination of M&S Technologies Smart System software, the first name in computerized vision testing systems, with the CV-5000S will enable users to directly select the comprehensive M&S Smart System tests and protocols from the CV-5000S Controller without a remote. Now, users of the CV-5000S can utilize completely randomized charts including pediatric tests using the LEA® Symbols and Numbers, numerous contrast sensitivity tests and protocols such as Sine Wave Gratings, Stereopsis, Low Vision Tests and even a Glare Testing Option,” said Robert Gibson, VP of Product Planning and Management for Topcon Medical Systems.

The complete integration of the M&S Smart System software in the CV-5000S will improve office workflow by providing the ability to digitally document 100% of the eye exam and have a one-touch wheelchair chart distance setting.

The M&S Smart System software is actually imbedded in the CV-5000S and can be used with the Topcon PC-50S Visual Acuity Chart or connected to current M&S System 20/20 users to provide a complete digital refraction experience without the need for a remote. The CV-5000S with M&S Smart System software will be featured at Vision Expo West on Sept 15-17 in Las Vegas as well as the American Academy of Ophthalmology on Oct 15-18 in Chicago.

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