Topcon Introduces a Dual Instrument Tabletop for the IDS-300 Refraction Desk

Dual Tabletop_02

Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) of Oakland, NJ announces the introduction of a new sliding table top that will allow the use of two instruments, such as a slit lamp and an auto refractometer, on the well-known IDS-300 Refraction Desk and EXAM-5000 Refraction Systems.

The Dual Tabletop can be added on to existing IDS-300 desks without modifying their design or affecting current certification and does not affect the normal use of the CV-5000S Computerized Vision Tester, the KB-50S console and other accessories.

The Dual Tabletop has an ergonomic design that is safe and stable allowing the two instruments to be delivered easily and seamlessly while maintaining wheelchair accessibility. Another benefit of the Dual Instrument Tabletop is that neither the patient nor the doctor will have to move to another station to perform a complete examination, saving time, space and making it easier for all patients including disabled patients to receive an exam.

By eliminating the need for the patient to move between different instruments during the exam, the Dual Tabletop saves time and enhances patient comfort.

With the Dual Tabletop, the patient remains on the same seat during slit lamp exam, auto refractometry and binocular refraction with the CV-5000S.

This accessory can be installed on site without hassle and its design offers an uncluttered wire management without visible cables or connectors. It can be installed in a small exam room (6’ x 8’) not requiring extra space.

The EXAM-5000, featuring the CV-5000S, has been the computerized vision testing system of choice for thousands of clinicians in the United States and around the world. It provides a complete 21-point refraction and features a One Dial Controller with a 10.4” color touch-screen display. Complete connectivity allows data to be sent automatically to all connected devices throughout the office and populated automatically into the EMR, making paperless refraction a reality.

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